We who with music beguile your pilgrimage to the unknown.

Sunday 08 October 2006, 20:55
The compilation off Nordic Dark Ambient from TLHOTRA is released and up for download. It contains the eight tracks from Somnivore, Funkis/Anulaibar, CTACIK, Krishve, Midikill, Dense vision shrine, Aural whiteout and Arash Moori. More information and download at TLHOTRA.



My name is Svensk, Olle Svensk.

Wednesday 27 September 2006, 20:35
I’ve made my mind up. I have taken a decision. I will go by my name. So from know on I will release my works using my real name Olle Svensk. No big difference, it’s all in the name. And off course a small change of the design on this site.

The first piece released using Olle Svensk is Memmoeg and you will find it under music, as always. There’s a new group called, you’ve guessed it, Olle Svensk. For Memmoeg I've used the following sounds from the FreeSound Project:
by nmgproduct

by klankschap

cafe boursault.aiff
by milo

sliding foley.wav
by mrtunes

interior walla cafe many voices close female conversation and then close male talking.aif
by dcaudio

Also getting along is We who with music beguile
your pilgrimage to the unknown
a Nordic dark ambient collection from TLHOTRA where I contribute with one piece, Pencumbeliig. Should be up for download in a week or two.

At the same label, TLHOTRA, I will also release my next work, Pitroghucy, wich is an one hour piece inspired by abandoned, forgotten places. Pitroghucy will be released some time this autumn.




Saturday 26 August 2006, 00:20
Doing my usual narsistic google on funkis/anulaibar i found that my music has been used in a film.

The name off the film is end/time by Mikko Linnemann. Aparently it's a re cut off La Fin du Temps. I haven't seen end/time yet, but La Fin du Temps is a beutiful, and yet haunting film about a meeting between two persons in a depoupulated environment.



Oh, the devil will find work for idle hands to do...

Monday 21 August 2006, 22:00
Hi there fans, friends and fiends.

Things have been quiet here for a while. I haven’t been all idle though. Apart from spending my time with the family doing all sorts off family holiday stuff, trying to get in shape (My longing for singletracks is killing me…) and hanging around SSWC06 I have actually done a little music related stuff as well.

Firstly I have done a piece for a Nordic Dark Ambient compilation at Two Left Hands on Two Right Arms. My work is an 11 min. drone called Pencumbeliig. The release is, according to the plans, some time in September.

Secondly I’ve finished an hour long work. I haven’t yet decided what to do with it; releasing it here as a download, releasing it as an CDr, release it through a (net)label… Well, time will tell. It will be released in some way however. It’s too good not to be ;)



F/A - Mectaitas on split C60

Tuesday 11 July 2006, 23:47
I’m participating with the song Mectaitas on a 4-way split cassette along with Awful Majesty, Chicks Dig Noise and Mutant Ape. The release will be made through CatDamm recordings and will be limited to 25 C60 cassettes. Price is unknown at the moment.

The following sounds from TheFreesoundProject has
been used for Mectaitas:

by potardg

[Dordogne river] Bourg (33) - France.mp3
by ingeos

Condom 02.mp3
by weebrian

by jesges

by acclivity



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